Grupo Marthe, originated in 1969, when Mr. Juan Puig Marcet decided to found a company dedicated to car rental.

Later were added business lines.

Grupo Marthe, today, is made up of a group of pioneers in the field ofroadside assistance and rental of commercial vehicles and passenger cars, as well as containers for construction, and garage especialised in body work, car repair and servicing.

Since origin, company dimensions have passed from 3 trucks and 2 employees to a fleet of 200 vehicles and a team of over 60 people.

The philosophy and values with which the company was founded have remained, despite the time passed and changes of internal, social and economic environment, the key of our company remains the same…

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Search the full satisfaction in all our relationships: with our customers, with the team that we are GRUPO MARTHE and our social environment

Grupo Marthe was established under the corporate name of DISTRIBUIDORA MARTHE S.A. and over time has been drifting into four companies:

  •  MARTHE ASISTENCIA, S.A.Specializing in roadside assistance.
  • MARTHE RENT A CAR, S.L. specializing in rental of commercial vehicles and passenger car.
  • MARTHE AUTOMOCIÓN, S.L. under the trade name of AUTO TALLER MARTHE, specializing in, car repair, servicing and body work.

It remains, however, a family business in which 100 of the shareholding is held by the Puig family.

The businesses are in the regions of Maresme, Barcelonès and Vallès Oriental, the central offices are in Mataró: Teixidora Street, No. 1 (Hortes Ind.)

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