Formed in 1968 (under the name of Marthe Distribuidora, SA), This line of business is dedicated to roadside assistance, 24hours a day, 365 days a year

The last year ended with a volume of 54.245 attendances

Marthe Asistencia has C-32 highway concession from Palafolls to Montgat, since it was built, also works outside the scope of the highway for almost all companies.

Our team: Is formed by 40 units of mechanical assistance (with tiltable platforms up to 6m and 4×4) and a staff of 40 people.

Location: Two physical bases located in Mataró and Malgrat de Mar, with facilities of approximately 2,500 m2.

Insurance and roadside assistance companies

Some of the major customers of the Roadside Assistance division are:

Assistance 1
Assistance 2
Assistance 3
Assistance 4
Assistance 5
Assistance 6
Assistance 7
Assistance 8
Assistance 9
Assistance 10
Assistance 11
Assistance 12
Assistance 13
Assistance 14
Assistance 15
Assistance 16
Assistance 17
Assistance 18
Assistance 19
Assistance 20

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