Maximum duration of a rental contract: The maximum duration is 30 days. For longer periods will have to be made a new contract.

Budgets for rentals longer than one month.

Mileage: Limited to 400km / day (in monthly fee 6500km / month and 500km per weekend).

Charge for extension of contract: Any contract extension will not scheduled a surcharge of 10 €

Additional Driver: include in the contract a driver other than the owner will have a surcharge of € 12 per person.

Minimum age: 21 years old on the driving license at least two years. All children under 25 years have an extra 6 euros.

Insurance: A comprehensive insurance with excess. The amount of the allowance varies depending on the vehicle and range Touring ranges B and C, 300 € franchise for vehicles € 600 franchise. The insurance does not cover damage or losses in goods transported, also covers: upholstery, tires, glass.

Claims: In the event of damage guests will be charged for idle vehicle: € 60 for claims over € 90 and € 120 to € 200 claims, except in parts damage.

Traffic fines: All violations will be charged to the customer

Bond departure: 200 € a day for rentals and € 400 for other properties.

Fuel: The vehicle is returned with a full tank, otherwise you will be charged a surcharge of € 6, plus the cost of fuel.

Clean the vehicle: The return of the vehicle very dirty (stains on upholstery, mud etc etc) will have a charge proportional to the media used to clean it.

This rate is quoted in euros and is subject to change without notice.

Vehicles are not permitted to leave Spain without notice and in any case outside the C.E.E.

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